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 New Students

New students are required to offer the following documents when they register:

1.      Application form;

2.      4 pictures (3.5X2.5 CM);

3.      Photo copy of the student citizen ID card, parents’ ID cards, and Household Registration Record

G7: photocopy of the primary graduation academic summary;

G8: photocopy of the G7 academic summary

G9: photocopy of the G7 and G8 academic summary;

G10: photocopy of the G9 diploma and the G9 academic summary;

G11: photocopy of the G9 diploma, G9 and G10 academic summary;

G12: photocopy of the G9 diploma, G9, G10 and G11 academic summary

4.      Photocopy of the English assessment test if it is available.



 Primary: RMB20100/term including tuition, accommodation, 4 meals, books, transportation (in Guangdong Province), medical health, uniforms (6 sets), and tutor
G7: RMB24550/term    G10: RMB34,250/term

G8: RMB25,550/term   G11: RMB26,550/term

G9: RMB26,550/term   G12:RMB36,250/term

Fees includes tuition, accommodation, meals, books, workbooks, uniforms, materials, medical health, insurance, beddings

Weekend boarding fee is RMB1,080/term; long week boarding fee is RMB540/term.

Bus fee is not included.




RMB, Hong Kong Dollar, Canadian Dollar or U.S. Dollar is acceptable. Any exchange rate or any bank fee is excluded with the fee. Cash is also acceptable by the bursar.



Contact us

For more information, please contact our admission office by 0750-3217848/3218848