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The Mayor of Jiangmen City visited Boren Sino-Canadian School and met the Teache

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Teacher’s Day Visit The Mayor of Jiangmen City visited Boren Sino-Canadian School and met the Teachers

On the 32nd Annual Chinese Teachers’ Day, the Mayor, Mr. Deng Weigen and the Vice-Mayor, Mr. Wu, Guojie visited Boren Sino-Canadian School and met the teachers. They toured the school campus with the School President, Mr. Daniel Wong PakYan, and the Canadian School Principal, Mr. Domenic Sbrocchi.





At the meeting, Mayor Deng shared greetings and best wishes to the Chinese and International Faculty; Mr. Wong, highlighted the daily operation of the school, its history, growth, development, and future challenges. The school representatives Ms. Ocean Liang and Mr. Deshun Chen also welcomed the municipal government delegation and had an amenable conversation.




Mayor Deng hopes Boren Sino-Canadian School can be a model for private schools in Jiangmen City, as well as an impetus for more social resources and funding dedicated to education, so as to cultivate and promote the international status of the city. The school faculty is appreciative of the government’s support. Mr. Daniel Wong emphasized that the school and faculty will continue to work hard to promote and contribute to the development and diversification of education in the city.


Happy Teacher’s Day and Best Wishes to all teachers and staff!


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