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Protect the world peace and anti-war commemorate activity

Class meet, movies, presentation to demonstrate and commemorate the importance of protect the world peace

By MR. Chen, Deshun

Sep. 6Sep. 12

Teacher’s Week- Candle Spirit

Collection Activity of Best Wishes to the Teachers

By Mr. Zhang, Junda

Sep. 20Sep. 26

Class MeetStart from me, start from minor matter

Student Rules self-check activity, one day life in the dorm, one day study in the classroom, and one day game in the playground

Mr. Chen, Deshun

Oct. 4Oct. 10

Traffic Rules and the Security Education

Primary: drill

Junior and Senior: Presentation by Traffic Policeman

Mr. Chen Deshun

Oct. 25Oct. 31

Thanks Giving Days

Making video to show the great thanks

Nov. 15Nov. 21

Parents Day

Classroom decoration, competition of classroom design

Mr. Zhang Junda

Nov. 29Dec. 5

Field trip

Field trip off campus

Mr. Chen Deshun

Dec. 13Dec. 19

Fire prevention week

Fire drill

Mr. Chen Deshun

Dec. 27Jan. 2

Law and Safety week

Presentation by policeman

Mr. Chen Deshun

Jan. 3Jan. 9

Safety education

Education on safety in campus

Mr. Zhang Junda

Rope jump

Rope jump competition (team work)

Mr. Qiu Fenyao

Jan. 10

Warm Heart in the Winter

Activity of Warm Heart in Winter

Mr. Chen Deshun







Sep. 5


G2-G4, performance, card making, and best wishes to teachers

Cai Shanshan, Li Lihua

Sep. 2016

Graffiti competition

30 Graffiti T shirt art work; 10 Graffiti umbrella art work

Li Lihua

Oct. 2016

Basketball match

Primary and junior basketball match by grades

Qiu, Fenyao

Oct. 2016

Pottery Arts

Topic: Dream and Home

Pottery arts competition by groups, element students, primary grades, and junior. The students can make their pottery art work by their creative art thought in three hours.

Li, Lihua

Nov. 2016

Happy Sports Day

Students can enjoy the basketball, relay, jump, run, and different sports items on the happy sports day.

Qiu, Fenyao

Nov. 2016

Dodge ball

The competition can raise the cooperation ability and the cohesion of the class

Qiu, Fenyao

Dec. 2016


Tug-of-war race

Students can experience the campus happy and fun environment

Qiu, Fenyao

Dec. 29, 2016

Arts Talent Show

Students can show their talent in dancing and singing. It can improve the progress in art of the school.

Cai, Shanshan

Roller and artistic cycling

By the activity, students can improve their team work and cooperation ability, and enhance their skill of balancing the body