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1. The recruitment of Boren students is opening to the whole world,  no limitation for the household area and nationality.

2. We are recruiting primary school students, middle school students and high school students at all levels who are interested in studying abroad in the future.


NameWei Wei Hao

IntroduceWei Wei Hao, one of the Boren graduates in the year 2007, admission to Albeto University in Canada, got his bachelor's degree in the year 2011 ...

NameLin Jia Wei

Introduce:Lin Jia Wei was appointed by Suncor Energy, the leading energy company in the world,  as a member in its audit accounting department, his annual salary is about ...


● The intensive class for summer 2013 starts from August 19 to August 30, the registration time for the freshmen are on August 17 and 18, please be on time, if not, please contact the office of academic affairs.


● The new semester starts from September 2, the students please be back to school on time.

Global Vocational Education and Training


Global Ielts School


Canadian Study Website


Ontario ministry of education